August 04, 2005

Tsui Hark and Charlie Young on Talk Show

I get excited every time veteran Hong Kong directors and actors visit Taiwan, and I was especially excited when I heard that director Tsui Hark (徐克) would be on the talk show Kangxi Lai Le (康熙來了). Kangxi Lai Le is an hour-long show and is pretty funny, but the hosts chose to spend most of the time interviewing actress Charlie Young (楊采妮). So, I did not learn much about Tsui Hark, except that he plays the piano daily, and that because the weather was so cold while filming his new movie, Seven Swords (七劍), he would yell at workers when they were too slow getting ready. He also repeated a story about falling asleep in a restaurant. When a member of the restaurant staff complained that sleeping was not allowed in the restaurant, Tsui, who was wearing dark glasses, insisted that he was only thinking deeply, not sleeping. Tsui then went back to sleep. Shortly after, the staff member came back and roused the snoring director. “Could you please do your thinking more quietly?” he said.
Seven Swords has a well-made web page in Chinese and English at www.sevenswordsthefilm.com.


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