August 01, 2005

Sweety Covers Morning Musume

Taiwanese pop duo Sweety have a music video for their Mandarin version of Japanese group Morning Musume’s “Koi no Dance Site.” This is the third Mandarin cover of Morning Musume . The others are 4 in Love’s cover of “Renai ~ Love Revolution 21” (戀愛革命) and the Sunday Girls’ cover of “Happy Summer Wedding” (好想嫁給他). Sweety’s version of “Koi no Dance Site” is called Jiemei Bang (姊妹幫). The music is 95% unchanged, but I can’t help but feeling that their version has made a fun song boring. The song feels like mediocre karaoke, and the music video looks like it was made at one of those booths where you can make your own music video. For many listeners, a Japanese song does not “belong” until they can sing it in their own language, so I guess Sweety fills that purpose. My hope is that this song will spark more interest in Morning Musume, leading to MTV airing the full length of their music videos, rather than just the thirty seconds or so that I have seen of their last few videos.


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