August 01, 2005

J.A.M: Models or Singers?

I recently saw a music video for a group called J.A.M. The strange thing about the video is that in between scenes of the three singers at the beach is interspersed a commercial for San Disk mini SD cards. So, I was not sure if I was seeing a commercial or a music video and I was not sure if it was a real musical group or not. The simple answer is: what you see is what you get. The video has a 30-second version, which is a commercial, and a full version shown on MTV where the words “San Disk” are blurred out. The song makes little attempt to mask the voices of the singers using fancy production techniques so it is easy answer the question of whether they are “real” singers. They are, however, real spokesmodels for San Disk. You probably think I forgot a period in the title of this post, but “J.A.M” is how the name of the group is written. Although this does not make sense, it has the advantage of typographic symmetry, whose value we may have underestimated. I often see people write “U.S.A” for the same reason.


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