February 11, 2009

England American English School

"England School" is the name of a children's school for English that I have driven past many times, usually with a feeling of bafflement. Although the name looks like it's missing a word or two, it's not really remarkable on its own, but the Chinese name for the school is "England American-English School" (英格蘭美語學校). They could have easily made the name simply "England English School" without the "American" thrown in, but they apparently decided against that. I tried to think of some excuses for this odd name, and I thought that maybe England was a person's name. But in that case the name would be England's School or England's English School. [Update: I take back that last sentence. The lack of a modifier for "school" is throwing me off. If the name were England High School or England School for the Wealthy, then no apostrophe-s would be needed.]

Further investigation shows that they advertise their foreign teachers of "American English," and they have classes that take the "Cambridge English Test." One of the logos (the one on the left) for the school shows a coat of arms with a crown on top, emphasizing they school's British side.

The other logo shows a boy wearing a mortarboard with the words "Bel School" written on it. That doesn't even sound like English. (There are a few definitions for bel, but none seem appropriate.)

If you can think of some way to make sense of all this, please leave a comment.



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