February 04, 2009

Pop star goes over top with book blurb

Why kind of blurb sells books? A new book by writer Jiubadao has a blurb on the front cover by a local pop star that begins with the words, in bold type, "I was raped by Jiubadao!".

The book in question (這些年,二哥哥很想你) was published on January 22nd, and the front cover of the book has recommendations by Selina and Hebe of pop trio S.H.E. Hebe's recommendation goes over the top, stating "I was raped by Jiubadao! Lying on the sofa, I finished this book in one go. It made me cry and made be laugh at the yellow dog peeing. It was really satisfying! Sometimes true stories from life are better than fine words and ornately crafted phrases at raping the emotions. I love it!

Some commenters wonder if Hebe understands the word she was using and conclude that a pop star possessing such a confused vocabulary might not be the most fitting person to evaluate a book.

This post is kind of gossipy, but it fits with the theme of the last few posts. I noticed the book cover while browsing at the bookstore, but after searching online I found that this story has been picked up by news services and discussion boards.

By the way, if you know what the part about the "yellow dog peeing" in the quote means, please leave a comment.



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