January 26, 2006

Ferrets in Taiwan

You've probably asked yourself a million times, "Are ferrets available and legal to own as pets in Taiwan?" The short answer is yes, but you will have a difficult time finding them. According to statistics for the last year, only 273 ferrets went through the quarantine required for imported animals. Another article from October of last year states that the going price in Taipei for ferrets is a whopping NT$25,000, but also states that a pet shop in Kaohsiung was selling a lot of seventy ferrets for NT$15,000 a piece, spayed/neutered and de-scented. Another article gives the going prices as $10,000—$20,000, and states that a high grade ferret used for producing antibodies for humans costs as much as NT$80,000.

The picture, taken at a pet shop in Arizona, shows that the ferrets have neatly eliminated in one corner of their enclosure. This natural inclination makes them easy to housebreak. At the top is a hammock, which serves as a bed. The price at this mall pet store was $150 a ferret.

The pet shop in Kaohsiung that sells (or sold) ferrets is called 金林寵物店. The telephone number is 07-558-9421 and the address is 高雄市左營區博愛二路198號.


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